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Phone: 573-581-6978
Fax: 573-581-4806

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri 8:15-4:30
Drive Thru:
Mon-Thur 8:15-4:30
Friday 8:15-5:30

Audio Response Line:
Toll Free: 1-866-575-3582

Annual Meeting Announcement

Show Me Credit Union will be holding our annual membership meeting at the credit union on Thursday, June 2nd, at 5:15.  This year will mark the 62nd annual meeting and we would love if you would join us.  There will be great information about what is going on at your credit union, volunteer elections, and door prizes.  We hope to see you there!


Report Lost or Stolen Debit & Credit Cards

If you are unable to contact us here at the Credit Union, you can call the numbers listed below to report your card lost or stolen:

Debit Cards: 1-800-472-3272 Credit Cards: 1-800-325-3678


If you are having trouble using your debit card and you know that you have sufficient funds to cover the transactions that aren't getting approved, there may be a temporary block on your card placed by our fraud monitoring company.  Please call 1-800-417-8715, option 2, to rectify the issue.


Line of Credit Loan Reviews

Our policy requires that we review line of credit loans every two years. We started the most recent review in January, 2016. This review will require that we run a current credit report for each maker of the loan and compare it to the loan documents we have on file. We may need to contact you to get updated employment, income, or other information so that the review of your loan can be completed and we can make our decision on renewing your loan. We appreciate your patience with this process.


Like us on Facebook!

Go to to like us on Facebook and get up to date information on everything that is going on at SMCU!

Purchase Opportunities
Show Me Credit Union periodically has repossessed vehicles or foreclosed properties for sale to our members. Contact Sarah or Chuck for details.
Debit Card Program
Show Me Credit Union offers debit (check) cards to our qualifying members. Debit cards allow you to make purchases which will automatically post to your checking account. The cards also double as ATM cards for access to cash. Come in to SMCU and pick up your debit card application today.
Buddy the Bulldog Youth Club
Our youth membership, ages birth through 12 years, can enjoy Show Me Credit Union's Buddy the Bulldog club. Youth membership will receive Buddy newsletters, which will offer helpful tips for their financial future as well as fun activities and contests.

We are currently hosting a youth Halloween picture coloring contest. You do not have to be a Buddy Club member to participate. Stop in soon and pick up your picture to color, and while you are here sign up to join the Buddy the Bulldog club!!
Automated Teller
Show Me Credit Union's Automated Teller service gives you 24-hour* telephone access to your account. Contact us today if you have not already signed up for this free service.

*Alternate methods of accessing your account will be required during times of system maintenance.
Order Checks
Please call Show Me Credit Union for pricing and to place an order.


GAP Insurance

Our GAP insurance is only $350! Come speak with Kerri about it before buying your next vehicle.

Identity Theft Help
Contact the credit union at any time for assistance in avoiding identity theft, or if you feel that you are a victim. The credit union's data processor, Fiserv, also offers a consumer credit monitoring program called AlertMe to which you can subscribe with Fiserv for a monthly fee. This service monitors your credit report daily and if any suspect activity is noticed, Fiserv staff will notify you and help you with resolution of any problems.

Please note that the incidence of identity theft, especially by an Internet scam called phishing, or over the telephone, called vishing, is on the rise. Phishers usually operate in one of two manners--by email, where the message makes you believe that something is wrong and the phisher will ask for your personal information (such as account, social security and/or credit/debit card numbers or passwords/PINs) and claim that if you don't give it, your services may be interrupted; and by a fake website that looks almost identical to websites you may have used in the past. To verify that the website you are visiting is valid, look for the locked padlock icon on the bottom of your browser screen. If the padlock is not there, the site is not a trusted, secured site. Vishers contact you over the telephone to try to obtain the same sort of information.

NEVER enter personal information on a non-secure site or give out personal information via email or telephone. If you have questions about how to protect yourself, your identity theft and your accounts, please contact the credit union.

Show Me Credit Union and the National Credit Union Association will never ask you for personal information via email or Internet. If you are contacted via telephone by someone claiming to be with the credit union, ask him/her for contact information and call him/her back on the phone numbers you have for the credit union to verify that you are really talking with the credit union before you discuss your account. Please let us know if you have any questions or if you feel you have been victimized by a phishing scam. The Missouri Attorney General's office is also very helpful with cases of phishing.

Monitor your credit by requesting a free credit report from, a website sponsored by the federal government. You may get one free report per year per credit bureau.
Check Holds
Any check you wish to cash or deposit which is for an amount of $2500.00 or more may be held for 2 business days or more before funds are available. This is to protect your account status in case the check is returned to us as insufficient funds or refer to maker.

A Dream Home for You

Contact Brooke for information on our mortgage loan program. We are interested in helping you obtain the home you want and need. We have various loan rates and terms available to make your dream a reality.

VISA Credit Cards
Do you have a Show Me Credit Union VISA credit card? Thinking about getting one? All of our VISA credit cards are platinum at no charge to our members and we offer cash back rewards on your purchases. If you don't have a VISA credit card with us, why don't you apply today so that you can take advantage of qualifying for our platinum card?
Account Agreements
Account agreements, including shares and loans, are available by contacting us at PO Box 477, Mexico, MO 65265; phone (573) 581-6978 or email
Rush Shipment Fee Change
Effective 2/1/11 the fee for an rush (overnight express) shipment of documents, plastic cards or packages will be a minimum of $25.00 per shipment. We regret that we are forced to increase this fee to our members due to increasing postal and other shipping methods rate increases.
Credit and Debit Card Fraud
Fraud is on the rise in the plastic card area. Several of our credit and debit cards were compromised due to a data breach at a payment processor last year. We contacted our affected members to advise of the potential for fraud and cancelled and replaced the cards with a new number.

Help protect yourself by frequently monitoring your credit card activity on EZCardInfo. A link to that site is on our homepage. For debit cards, sign up for our free online or telephone service and use it to monitor your checking account activity. While you do have limited liability if proven fraud is committed on your account, it is your responsibility to monitor your activity and tell the credit union quickly if you see any fraud has occurred.

Contact the credit union if you have questions. We will do everything possible to safeguard your accounts.
Electronic Statements--The Easy, Safe Way to Get Information
eStatements, an electronic version of your account statement, is available to our members. This is a free service. You must be enrolled in Virtual Branch online banking to have access to eStatements. To apply for eStatements, login to VB and click on the Self Service tab. Select the link eStatement link in the Additional Services section, and then click on the Enroll For eStatements link at the bottom of the page. Fill in your account number and current email address and click the Submit button at the bottom of the screen. This will send a message to us that you want e-Statements. We will set you up and you will be ready to go. You can then access future eStatements using the Self Service, Additional Services section link to eStatements.
Invest in America
Credit Union members get special rates and deals from many American businesses. Do your part to stimulate the American economy and reap the benefits by buying American. See for details.
Online Banking and Bill Payer
Online banking and bill payer through our online banking product Virtual Branch is available to you free of charge. You must have a checking account with us for a minimum of three months in order to qualify for bill payer. To sign up for Virtual Branch, go to our website,, and click on the Online Banking button on the left-hand side of the Welcome page, then click on the Enroll Now link.
Visit Us On Facebook
Visit our page on Facebook. To find our page, simply login to your Facebook account and use the global search function at the top of the page, searching for Show Me Credit Union. You should be directed to our page. You can see what's new at the credit union, see purchase opportunities on vehicles and properties we have for sale, check out events, etc. We welcome your suggestions for content you would like to see on Facebook.
Email Scams
More and more scam emails are circulating all the time. NEVER reply to an email of this type or click on any links included in the email. This is definitely a scam. You will never be contacted by anyone associated with the credit union to reactivate or otherwise manipulate your account. Contact Show Me Credit Union by phone if you have any questions about communications you receive.

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